Andrea Pringle (“Andi”) is an expert at media and grassroots campaigns to influence political and public opinion aimed at changing public policy. Andi has spearheaded message development, communications and constituent outreach for high-profile political, and commercial efforts, and has worked with companies, elected officials, non-profits and foundations.
Among elected officials and political efforts, she served as Senior Political Advisor for Bill Richardson Campaign for President, and Governor Mark Warner’s Forward Together PAC.  She also served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. Prior to this, Andi served as a top consultant to Senator Carol Moseley Braun’s re-election campaign.  She also served in senior positions in several local election campaigns, including Vincent Orange’s recent election as D.C. Council At-Large.

In the commercial industry, Andi serves as political liaison and community organizing consultant for Peebles Corporation and has created TV, radio and print advertising campaigns for nationally known hip-hop and R&B artists on behalf of Hiram Management and G-Street Express.

Andi has provided her communications expertise to various causes, serving as Communications Director for the NAACP National Voter Fund, where she participated in one of the most successful voter mobilization efforts that pulled over 1 million African-American voters to the polls and added over 200,000 new voters to rolls in 12 states and five Congressional Districts, advising on the presidential bid of Rev. Jesse Jackson, working with the National Rainbow Coalition. When she served as a Communications Associate with George Soros’ Open Society Institute, she played a role in helping the organization advance reforms to felony voter laws, and how prisoners are served when they leave prison.

Andi maintains good relations with media outlets and political decision makers and these associations are helpful in making sure her clients issues gets deserved press coverage in both areas.